Hon. Richard S. Candelario

Municipal Vice Mayor

Hon. Victoria B. Padullo

SB Committee on Social Welfare, Tourism, Beautification and Women and Family

Hon. Jayson M. Barcelona

SB Committee on Agriculture, Transportation and Livelihood

Hon. Alfonso A. Montalbo

SB Committee on Finance, Appropriation, Appointments and Land Use

Hon. Evelyn B. Alea

SB Committee on Health, Complaints and Grievances

Hon. Arnold A. Vargas

SB Committee on Infrastructure and Games

Hon. Dolores U. de Gala

SB Committee on Trade and Industry Environment

Hon. Jeremy I. Enriquez

SB Committee on Ways and Means, Cooperative, Peace and Order and Human Rights

Hon. NiƱo Sergio Oligario G. Liwanag

SB Committee on Education, House Rules, Ordinances and Legal Matters

Hon. Maynard M. Panganiban

SB Committee on Barangay Affairs

Hon. Lovely Mae A. Anulao

SB Committee on Youth and Sports Development